From March 11 to March 18, 2017, Ton Duc Thang University’s Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized the Graduation Project for Graduation Week for the academic years 2013-2017. The project celebrated the creativity of the faculty’s students with the 40 best graduation projects from a pool of 130 graduation projects in three majors: Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering as well as Automatic Control Engineering.
The topics of the graduation projects were diverse and highly practical ranging from civil and industrial applications, such as: Smart parking; the Design of a 100MW wind power plant at sea with a grid connection in Ca Mau; A design for controlling shops’ electrical equipment via Wi-Fi; a project entitled “Monitoring a solar PV system via the internet” in particular, which was implemented directly after TDTU installed a Solar power system into operation for use at Building D on the main campus premises.
The exhibition was an opportunity for students to display the fruits of their research and express their creativity, highlighting their maturity after 4 years of study and training at the university. It was also an opportunity to for students of the courses to exchange knowledge, designs and ideas, and functioned as a bridge connecting the various participating organizations and enterprises with the outstanding electrical engineers produced by TDTU.
Pictures from Exhibition Week

The exhibition was an opportunity for young people to share knowledge and exchange their passion for their respective disciplines

The exhibition attracted a large number of students, organizations and businesses

Engineers to-be confidently introduce their products

Source: tdtu.edu.vn

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